The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County

The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County provides programs to promote and support independent lifestyles for seniors in Hamilton County.

Our vision is to be known throughout Hamilton County as a trusted resource for connecting seniors with volunteer programs and support their independence.

Through our many programs, seniors have the opportunity to connect with services or to other individuals that will help enrich independent lifestyles.

Whether someone needs a friendly visitor or help with their home, our Community Caring Program can help. Additionally, an older adult may desire to socialize with other independent seniors in our Together Today Program. We have many opportunities to enhance the lives of seniors in our community.

The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County is founded on the beliefs that older adults:

  • Should be able to live independently and with dignity for as long as is safely possible
  • Will benefit from opportunities for socialization
  • Deserve trusted, quality services
  • Deserve respect for their independent spirit