SCHC is currently accepting applications for the following positions through Friday,  July 30th. 

Reaching Resources Coordinator

Reaching Resources is an intensive, home-based case management program for aging  adults and their caregivers. This program serves as the hub for all things relating to aging in  our community. The goals of the program are to prevent isolation, improve quality of life, and  help maintain independence. The Reaching Resources Coordinator for this program will be a resource guide, advocate, and support for seniors in Hamilton County.

The Coordinator  has up to date and accurate information about the resources, programs, and services for  seniors in Hamilton County. They will help seniors with the improved referral process and  connect them directly with the resource. Furthermore, they will complete a comprehensive  intake interview to help determine what other services and resources the senior may benefit  from in their area. The goal of the program is to connect seniors with programs and services  to improve their quality of life and help them maintain their independence.