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February 14, 2019

Resources for Seniors in Hamilton County

There are many resources for seniors available today, but they can sometimes be difficult to locate unless you know where to look.

Many seniors aren’t in the know about what types of resources are available today, so we have organized this resource by category for your convenience.

Health and Wellness

The primary resource that is available to seniors in Hamilton County, Indiana is a free health evaluation from the Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County.

A coordinator will schedule a meeting to visit the home of a senior and discuss all of the resources that are available to them.

Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County has a primary goal of allowing seniors to age in place while helping them to stay independent in their own home.

A short visit with a coordinator can be an open door to a myriad of resources to help a senior with all aspects of everyday life. If there is health equipment that is needed, the staff at SCHC has resources to help get you what you need.

If you are or if you know of a senior that would find a wellness evaluation helpful, please call the Shepherd’s Center at 317-674-8777.


The ability to communicate quickly and effectively is vital to the independence of a senior, and there are resources available to help.

Seniors can potentially qualify for a free mobile phone, and the coordinators at Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County are ready to assist.

The process to apply is quick and a new mobile phone could be yours in just a few days if you quality.

Does the senior that you care about have a Life Alert button? If not, the coordinators at SCHC are ready to help you go through the process to see if a Life Alert button is available to you free of charge.

Food Resources

Depending on your income, there are many food pantries in the Hamilton County area that are ready to serve your needs.

The coordinators at Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County have personal relationships with the food banks in the county and can help you determine which ones would fit your needs.

Did you know that each food bank has its own hours and days that they serve the public? Coordinators can make sure you are set up for success by giving you contact names, times and addresses for any pantry that fits your lifestyle.


Did you know that there are socialization programs every day of the week in Hamilton County? The Together Today program is a half day event designed to help seniors socialize with people their own age.

The Together Today events happen all over the county, and there is guaranteed to be one near the senior you care about at least once per week. For more information, please call the Shepherd’s Center at 317-674-8777.

Shepherds Center of Hamilton County also has a program called the Friendly Visitors program. This is a socialization program where SCHC will help pair a senior with a person that they can meet for coffee and socialize. This can happen at the home of the senior or at a local coffee shop depending on the mobility of the senior.

We have friendly visitors ready for anyone who is interested in the program, and the easiest way to learn more is with a phone call to 317-674-8777.


Do you know of a senior widow that is missing out on their spouse’s social security benefits? The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County would love to help.

We have volunteers who would be happy to walk you through the process of making sure you get the finances that you’ve earned.

If you know of a senior that has come upon financial difficulties, there are many partners that SCHC has in the community that are ready to help. With connections to Good Samaritan, The Trustees, and the Salvation Army, there is no lack of options for financial resources for seniors.

Is there a senior that you know that’s affiliated with a local church?  Did you know that many churches has financial resources set aside for seniors as well as moving help and other options for many of their needs.

The local church can be a great resource, but only if they know that help is needed. Be sure to reach out to your local church if you are a member and let them know about your needs and how they could partner with you to help.


If you are looking for transportation options around Hamilton County, there is no shortage of options for seniors. Transportation options like Riverview Rides, Hamilton County Express and other ride options are available, and we’ve laid them each out in detail in our Definitive Guide to Transportation for Seniors.

Home Safety/Repairs

If you know of a senior that is in need of home repairs, the Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County has partnered with some great organizations to help. Habitat for Humanity and H.A.N.D are wonderful partners here in the county, and a simple computer form is all that is usually needed to get the home repair help a senior might need.

If a senior doesn’t have access to a computer, SCHC can help with the online applications right there in their home.

Our resource coordinators want to know how your carpet is in your home as well as things like smoke detectors and railings. If there are any trip hazards or accessibility needs, SCHC is ready to help you find a solution.

The resource coordinators at SCHC can give a list of handymen that have been pre-vetted and are ready to help.


Is a senior you know struggling with their vision? Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County has a partnership with Bosma that can be of assistance for vision needs.

If there’s a pair of glasses in a state of disrepair or a prescription that is no longer up to date, Bosma might be able to help through the SCHC partnership.


Depending on your coverage, there are some resources that have partnered with SCHC to provide dental help to seniors in the Hamilton County area. Please contact us at 317-674-8777 to learn more.


Our resource coordinators would love to help if there is a senior in need of clothing or other basic needs. There are resources like the Good Samaritan Christmas drive and others that can be a significant resource to a senior in Hamilton County.

Respite Care

Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County has friendly visitors that are ready to give caregivers a well-deserved break. If you know of someone who is the primary caregiver for a senior and could use a few hours away, we can help.

Shepherd’s Center has a list of people who have been vetted and background checked who are ready to step in and provide help for caregivers. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 317-674-8777.


Did you know that if the senior in your life has a monthly income of under $1,900 per month, they can get their Medicare for free?

There are plenty of seniors who are paying for healthcare when they could be getting it for free, and our resource coordinators are ready to help.

At the Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County, we have financial counselors available who can help you maximize your income and take advantage of free health and other programs.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above services or resources, please contact the Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County at 317-674-8777 and schedule a visit from a resource coordinator today.

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